Canine-Assisted Therapy

Canine-Assisted Therapy With Onyx


Canine-assisted therapy utilizes Onyx — half lab and half Newfoundland — as a parallel to what a child’s issues are.

Children gain a sense of empowerment and mastery when they can teach the dog tricks and they feel that the dog listens and responds to them.

They have to learn to treat the dog with respect and consistency if the dog is going to listen to them.

The dog can also be used to help teach a child to speak words of praise for obedience.

Onyx can often provide a calming and assuring sense for people of all ages which allows for being more present and mindful of the moment.

A lot of kids aren’t very verbal and can’t relate to people, but they can relate to a pet. Whether kids have anxieties or fears of dogs or other things, they can relate and understand and talk about it.